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Skye Pryor is a 5 year old entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. She’s very passionate about her brand “Shades by Skye”. When she’s not picking quality designs for her sunglass & accessories line, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. Skye loves school and her favorite subjects are Reading & English.
Little Miss Skye has established an early desire to spread love through her passion for fashion and unique eyewear. Her motto is “shades and accessories are girl’s best friend.”


Shades By Skye started during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was just a girl and her mom turning playtime and passion into business education. As her mom I wanted her to have a head start in life learning about the importance of financial responsibility, stability, and entrepreneurship. Shades by Skye has been featured on Fox News, ABC 23 News and Free 2 B Me Magazine  for their Girl Boss edition.


Our mission here at Shades By Skye is to promote and bring awareness to optical health and safety while being VERY fashionable doing so! Shades by Skye believes eye health doesn't have to be boring and fashion should be FUN and built CONFIDENCE.